Rapid Clinics is a leading provider of Ear Microsuction services across the UK. We offer private Ear Microsuction for safe removal of wax and debris from the ear canal. Microsuction is a procedure performed by using a binocular operating microscope to remove the impacted wax from your ear.



Ear wax (Cerumen) is a natural secretion which forms a protective layer on the ear canal skin. The quantity of ear wax produced varies from one individual to another. The presence of ear wax is natural and helps protect our ears from germs providing lubrication to the ear canals to prevent ear irritation or itchiness.

However, symptoms such as earache (oltalgia), ear fullness, reduced hearing, itchiness and tinnitus could be caused by a build up of ear wax.

In a private ear microsuction procedure with Vista Health, we use a suction method to remove ear wax or foreign bodies from the ear canals. It is safer and more comfortable than other ear wax removal methods such as irrigation or ear syringing.

The audiologist gently inserts a small suction probe into the ear and uses low suction pressure to remove the ear wax. The procedure is performed under magnification with a bright LED light giving a clear view of the ear canal and eardrum.

Advantages of ear microsuction over syringing:

  • Microsuction does not involve flushing the ear canal with water. It is therefore a much more hygenic method of removing ear wax.
  • Ear microsuction is safe for patients with a perforated ear drum or mastoid cavity. A medical assesment is always performed prior to treatment.
  • You can expect instant results following the procedure.

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